Monday, October 28, 2013

Chasing Shadows

Madeline Chevalier is an assassin. Not an assassin, the assassin. The one that has never been seen, never been caught, never been found. But her victims are never innocent. They always seem to be in some scam scheme, murder,drug dealings or criminals. Working in the Knights of Justice, She strikes fear in the guilty ones, with a perfect alas. Nox.

Drake Fuoco is one of the Praeditis. The gifted. The Praeditis all possess an amazing powers, but only use them for good. They keep the mortal world and paranormal world in check, one never too powerful than the other. Another way to say, they and the border patrol, taking care of humans thrown in the supernatural tumble, making sure that the creatures never step out of line. But there is one criminal that confuses him. Nox. Nox is a killer, but never kills the innocent. Come and join them in this mysterious adventure, for the night is still young.